The revolution in professional cleaning | Jet Vap - Lavadoras a Vapor

The revolution in
professional cleaning

The revolution in professional cleaning. The Jet Vap steam
cleaners remove all the dirt without the use of chemicals
and with very low consumption of water and energy.
More efficiency, more economy and better cost / benefit.

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all over Brazil

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Steam technology | Jet Vap - Lavadoras a Vapor


Jet Vap brought and developed in Brazil the technology
that changed the scenario of deep cleaning, the chemical
action of removing the dirt is all done by steam,
without addition of chemicals.

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Steam Technology

Jet Vap developed a totally Brazilian Steam technology. It removes all dirt from the surface, kills 99.9% of bacteria and gives it a unique shine without harming the crafted surface.

Agility and Quality

Jet Vap Steam Cleaners removes all dirt from the surface in the first run, making a car - for example - ready (inside and outside) in 25 minutes with unique brightness quality.

Excellent Cost / Benefit

Deep cleaning in less time, with fewer resources such as water - around 5 liters / car - and energy and much more efficiently than competition, without harming the surface worked.


With water system you spend around 200 to 300 liters per wash, Jet Vap Steam Cleaners use approximately 5 liters and without the use of chemicals.

Máquinas de Limpeza a Vapor Carro | Jet Vap - Lavadoras a Vapor
Máquinas de Limpeza a Vapor Moto | Jet Vap - Lavadoras a Vapor
Technological innovation and environmental responsibility


Jet Vap, professional steam washing machines for automotive washing and ecological cleaning in general.
Jet Vap Steam Cleaners were developed with high quality technology. Jet Vap machines produces steam to remove dirt from various surfaces without the use of chemicals and with a low water and energy consumption. They are high performance equipment for professional cleaning that brings impressive benefits in terms of efficiency, economy and environmental impact.

The machines are made of stainless steel and have hoses that withstand high pressures, ensuring excellent product durability. Using high technology, Jet Vap is recognized for high quality and performance of its equipment.

Technological innovation and responsibility


Our products are developed with high technology for a complete and efficient cleaning. Jet Vap has a line of equipment that allows the cleaning and sanitizing of different types of surfaces, using electric energy, diesel oil or gas.

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Technological innovation and responsibility

Check out the performance of the Jet Vap washers in action

Check out Jet Vap steam machines in action and prove its quality and efficiency. The steam removes the dirt and the mechanical action of the cloth removes the deep dirt in the first pass removing 99.9% of the bacteria, all without chemicals - the steam itself acts as the chemical action of cleaning. Watch the videos and check!

Cleaning the wheels with steam

Cleaning car with clay

Car cleaning with steam engine

Steam cleaning of aircraft

How to Steam Engine Washer

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