Jet Vap Steam Pressure Washers Applications

Car Wash Machines

One of the most common applications of Jet Vap Steam Pressure Washers is in car wash services. Using this equipment in car market we have significant advantages, such as efficiency, quality and economy. Besides that, all our steam cleaning technology can completely do even internal or external cleaning. Check out some benefits of car steam cleaning:

  • Steam cleaning does not damage the surface of the car, since there is no chemical reaction of products – used in other ways of washing. The water as a steam form acts directly on the dirt, causing it to give off from the surface, and thus is easily removed, with the help of a dry microfibre cloth;
  • The steam removes the dirt, and also provides extra shine, an extra intense color and also emphasizes the curves and details of the surface of the cars – a visibly superior result in contrast to other types of cleaning. This effect occurs even in metal parts, which receive a higher shine and an appearance of being polished;
  • Using a steam washing machine you can also bring better time benefit washing an automobile. With them, there is increased agility in the process, for example in a medium car the estimated time is about to 20 minutes to perform the cleaning;
  • With a steam pressure washer, it is also possible to clean the inside of vehicles such as seats, plastic parts and even the engine, don´t damaging the car.
  • Using the steam washer you also contribute to the environment. After all, in a traditional way, the spend of water is about to 200 and 300 liters, with a Jet Vap machine the consumption is up to five liters for cleaning a medium car. As you use and know the equipment, you will see that it is possible to clean until three cars with only 10 liters of water;
  • The investment in a wastewater treatment system for your car wash is no necessary with the use of the Jet Vap steam washers.


Now that you know the main advantages of using steam cleaner, know our product options. Contact one of our consultants and choose the best steam cleaning machine for your business.

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