Jet Vap Steam Pressure Washers Applications

Steam cleaning in industries

We offer solutions for industrial cleaning of various sectors and for different intensities, from heavy to light cleaning.

We offer high technology to provide to the customers better results, especially in terms of efficiency and cost savings and natural resources.

In general, industrial environments are complex and with great movement of collaborators, tools and machines, making fundamental the cleaning and removal of waste generated. For this, the steam cleaning is very effective, since it facilitates the removal of dirt that accumulates in several surfaces, from the floor to the tiles and tools used in the industrial production.

The correct sanitization of environments within the industry contributes even to a better professional productivity. It guarantees reduction in costs and water, energy and chemicals and, moreover, it reduces the time spent in cleaning, allowing a greater labor performance and contributing to the heathy conditions of the place.

The steam application in this sector is highlighted by the agility and economy provided. The versatility present in the equipment allows the use in different sector industries, like food and automobile, for example.

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