Steam cleaning and sanitizing in Restaurants.

Food Industry locations and Restaurants must have an impeccable hygiene. And this is not restricted only to the areas where food is handled and consumed: the entire physical space of the establishment must be pristine and clean.

The Jet Vap Steam Cleaners and the Jet Vap Sanitizer have great applications in this area of business for the ability to clean more difficult accessed places, which promote the appearance of microorganisms harmful to health – which can generate a lot of problems for a restaurant.

Food preparation areas require more intensive and careful cleaning. In some cases, the use of chemicals to disinfect these environments is restricted due to the risk of food poisoning and further contamination.

Thus, in this niche market, Jet Vap Steam Cleaners apply themselves for the efficiency, good performance in cleaning and using only water – reducing the risk of poisoning by chemical products while only the steam will be responsible for disinfecting the areas.

The Jet Vap Steam Cleaners are versatile and suitable for the many applications within this industry. Also, they ensure cost savings and reduce cleaning time.

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