Steam cleaning and sanitizing in Schools.

The schools are environments where hygiene is fundamental. Due to the high number of circulating people, including hundreds and even thousands of individuals per day, it is highly susceptible to the transmission of diseases and the accumulation of dirt.

Especially important is the hygiene of the environments like childcare and elementary schools. For their efficiency and agility, the Jet Vap Steam Cleaners are ideal for disinfecting and cleaning classrooms, cafeterias and other school and university places.

Another advantage of steam cleaning is the saving of water and energy provided by the equipment, also saving the use of chemical products, which are often harmful to health and the environment.

Besides the steam machines, the Jet Vap Sanitizer is also a perfect equipment for the school environment. Talk to our consultants to learn more about our solutions. Our team is ready to answer you.

Our team of consultants is ready to answer you.

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