Steam cleaning for Sofas and Carpets.

The use of Jet Vap Steam Cleaners in Sofas and Carpets, a place of proliferation of germs and bacteria, is highly effective, providing a complete cleaning by removing the dirt and dust that accumulate in the carpet material that other types of cleaning cannot eliminate. 99.99% of virus, fungi and bacteria do not resist the steam.

In the case of the upholstery, the Jet Vap Steam Cleaners enable a deep sanitation, which removes stains, dirts and possible harmful microorganisms, without the use of chemical products. Thus, the application of steam cleaning on sofas and other upholstered products provides an economical, fast, easy, quality service that benefits all people who are in contact with these surfaces.

It is important to remember that carpets, rugs, sofas, and upholstery are manufactured with different types of fibers and fabrics, each containing a series of specificities. Therefore, before deciding on a steam machine for this purpose, talk to our consultants and find out the best practices and procedures of using steam.

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