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We often get repeated questions about our steam cleaners, so we've curated all these questions on one page to make it easier for you to find the answer you're looking for!

  • 1. Which states does Jet Vap send their Steam Cleaners?

    We send our Jet Vap Steam Cleaners to all states of Brazil and to other countries.

  • 2. Do you have representatives in other states or countries?

    Jet Vap does not work with representatives outside its headquarters. In order to maintain the quality of the service, the sales are made only through our headquarters in Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil.

  • 3. Is Jet Vap the manufacturer of all its equipment and accessories?

    Jet Vap is proud to be a Brazilian company that develops and manufactures its own equipment and accessories, always looking to attend with excellence the needs of its business partners.

  • 4. How does the technical assistance work?

    Jet Vap products are produced with the highest technology plus extremely resistant materials. Its simple design and non-electronic board allows most of the maintenance to be carried out by the own customer, who can count with the support of our technicians by phone and video conferencing. In case it is necessary to carry out the exchange of pieces, the customer can find most of them in shops of the branch of his region or buy directly with our factory.

  • 5. What is the warranty time? What does the warranty cover?

    Jet Vap grants a one-year warranty for manufacturing or material defects except hoses and burners with a 180-day and 90-day warranty for resistance, contactors, relays, electrical cables, motor, pump, bearing, trigger, solenoid, coils, and electrodes, including the legal guarantee period (first 90 days contacts from the issuance of the product invoice).

  • 6. What is the delivery time of the equipment?

    The equipment are available on immediate delivery for pick up at the factory. In case of shipment to other locations the delivery is carried out according to the transport´s company deadline.

  • 7. Does Jet Vap offer courses and training on its equipment?

    Jet Vap offers its customers training in the operation of equipment and steam cleaning at our headquarters in Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil.

  • 8. Why does not Jet Vap disclose prices on the website?

    With our sales team you will receive all the information you need to choose the best equipment for your business. That is why we do not call our sales team “sellers”, we say “consultants” because they will go with you, analyze your needs, current structure, the services you will offer and your investment capacities. In addition, our machines may vary in price in each state of the country due to state taxes, so we have no way to provide an accurate final price beforehand.

  • 9. What are the payment methods?

    Jet Vap accepts cash, BNDES, FINAME, credit cards, direct financing from banks and the Venda Programada.

  • 10. Are Jet Vap Steam Cleaners used only for car washing?

    No! Our equipment has many applications, from cleaning jewelry, hospitals, laboratories and restaurants to cleaning aircraft, boats, heavy machinery and much more.

  • 11. What is the average energy consumption of Jet Vap Steam Cleaners?

    3.5kw/h when the trigger is activated. The equipment goes into standby when is not being used.

  • 12. In the Jet Vap Steam Cleaners that hold two hoses, can they be used by two operators at the same time?

    Yes, the models that have two steam outlets can be used with up two operators simultaneously.

  • 13. Are Jet Vap Steam Cleaners models available in 110 volts?

    No. These are professional equipment available only in 220V or 380V.

  • 14. Is it possible to use well water or reuse water in Jet Vap Steam Cleaners?

    To use well water or reuse water it is necessary to do the downturn of the water with the use of water filter softeners.

  • 15. Is it possible to put chemical products directly in the Jet Vap Steam Cleaners´ tank?

    The cleaning efficiency is due to the combination of vapor pressure and temperature. It is not possible to use chemicals products inside the equipment, it works only with water vapor. The use of biodegradable chemicals products can be used directly on the surface to be cleaned with steam if necessary.

  • 16. How many degrees does the steam temperature reach?

    Up to 180 degrees on the trigger.

  • 17. Is it possible to wash a car inside and out with only one Jet Vap Steam Cleaner?

    Yes, using the correctly accessories it is possible to wash engine, wheels and more with only one Jet Vap machine.

  • 18. How do Jet Vap Steam Cleaners generate steam?

    By heating water by electrical resistors.

  • 19. Are Jet Vap Steam Cleaners considered boilers?

    According to the NR13 our equipment is not classified as boilers, but as steam generators.

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