Come to Jet Vap: the leading brand in Steam Cleaners.

Jet Vap Steam Cleaners are innovative for professional steam cleaning services and they can be used to remove dirt from the most diverse surfaces. The steam cleaning is suitable for many applications, such as automotive aesthetics, in vehicles, aircraft, restaurants, hospitals, homes, industry and commerce. With the high temperature and a good vapor performance, the residues are removed with ease, only with the help of a dry microfiber cloth.

The steam cleaning is the most efficient and ecologically correct method due to its low consumption of natural resources, the non-use of harmful chemicals to the environment and to provide agility in the cleaning process, with visible results. That is why Jet Vap Steam Cleaners present the best cost-benefit of the market, and they are the solution to water waste in the cleaning process.

With high-technology, 100% stainless steel enclosures and hoses designed to withstand high pressures, Jet Vap Steam Cleaners provide great durability. All its components are certified by national and international standards, to offer, besides quality, total safety to its customers. Because for Jet Vap, we don’t have clients, we are real business partners.

The product line offers Steam Cleaner options that suit a variety of needs. Therefore, before purchasing a steam cleaner, talk to one of our consultants to find the right machine for your business.

Our clients speak for us.

Check the opinion of those who live the experience of steam cleaning.

  • Moacir Alberto dos Santos

    Hello, good afternoon! Traditionally, I have been doing Detail and Car Cleaning services for over 15 years. The Jet Vap equipment is amazing, the vapor provides a differential.

  • Jorge Carvalho Valle

    Excellent work by Jet Vap. Now that’s how you clean a car. When I take my car to wash, I always ask the operator to wash the car the same way he takes a shower: from head to toe! Thanks Jet Vap. Jet Vap is in a whole another level in Car Washing.


    I had been in the Jet Vap factory and I was very well attended, I liked the products and the various tips they gave me about steam cleaning. Congratulations to the whole team.


    I have one Jet Vap. It’s worth the investment. It is a guaranteed payback.

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