Jet Vap 12K Steam Cleaner

Código: 1482

The Jet Vap 12K Steam Cleaner was developed for the following applications: car wash and gas station; automotive aesthetics; aircraft; marinas and nautical sector; laundries – sofas, carpets and curtains; hospitals, clinics and offices; restaurants, food industry and industrial kitchens; pharmaceutical industry; industrial cleaning; construction and post construction; air-conditioning and condensers.

The Jet Vap 12K Steam Cleaner has a steam hose and a 10-liter boiler. The time to heat the water and generate steam is fifteen minutes.

To maintain the efficiency of the Jet Vap 12K Steam Cleaner use potable, clean, mineral salts-free water.

  • Category: Manual;
  • Heating: Electric;
  • Electrical Resistance: 12,000 W;
  • Low power consumption and Start/Stop system;
  • Steam Outlets: 1;
  • Number of hoses: 1 of 7.5m with Trigger, Swivel and Spray Nozzle;
  • Tank Capacity (Boiler): 10 liters;
  • Warm-up time: 15 minutes;
  • Steam production: 22 kg/h;
  • Working pressure: 9 bar/130 PSI;
  • Maximum temperature: 180°C;
  • Triple security system;
  • Voltage: Mono/two-phase 12kW/220V/55A or three-phase 12kW/220V/32A or 12kW/380V/19A;
  • Weight: 24 Kg;
  • Measures: 57×40,5×70 cm.


The Jet Vap Steam Cleaners with manual water supply system have been designed to meet the requirements of the Detail niche, as well as several market segments. 

Using state-of-the-art technology and meeting the environmental appeal, the Jet Vap Manual System Steam Cleaners lead the market by serving the best machinery for professionals who seek economy and greater profitability in their business, improving quality and even adding new mix of services, adding excellence and full customer satisfaction.

Design and manufacture 100% domestic, the Jet Vap Manual System Steam Cleaners are manufactured in stainless steel, with triple safety system, providing to its operators total safety and efficiency.

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