Jet Vap Agile 6000 Steam Cleaner

Código: 2538

The Jet Vap Agile 6000 Steam Cleaner has been developed for the following applications: delivery; car wash; automotive aesthetics; sofas, carpets and curtains; hospitals, clinics and offices; restaurants and air conditioning.

The Jet Vap Agile 6000 Steam Cleaner features a 10-liter steam hose and water tank with automatic Boiler supply – no need to shut down the machine to refuel. The operation is continuous, and the cleaner can be used for long periods.

Easy to handle, lightweight, compact, and robust, the Jet Vap Agile 6000 Steam Cleaner is ideal for delivery services, as no supply hose is required.

To maintain the efficiency of the Jet Vap Agile 6000 Steam Cleaner, use potable, clean, mineral salts-free water.

  • Category: Automatic Filling;
  • Heating: Electric;
  • Electrical Resistance: 6,000 W;
  • Low power consumption and Start/Stop system;
  • Steam Outlets: 1;
  • Number of hoses: 1 of 7.5m with Trigger, Swivel and Spray Nozzle;
  • Water Reservoir: 10 liters;
  • Warm-up time: 5 minutes;
  • Steam production: 11 kg/h;
  • Working pressure: 9 bar/130 PSI;
  • Maximum temperature: 180°C;
  • Triple security system;
  • Voltage: Mono/two-phase 6kW/220V/28A or three-phase 6kW/220V/16A or 6kW/380V/10A;
  • Weight: 27,5 kg;
  • Measures: 43x55x62 cm.


The Jet Vap Agile Steam Cleaners have been developed with state-of-the-art technology prioritizing safety, durability, efficiency to excellently perform steam cleaning and sanitation in the most varied market niches.

With 100% Brazilian design and manufacture, they are made in stainless steel, compact and easy to handle, with automatic supply system, high pressure and temperature, ideal to serve professionals who care for productivity and safety.

The Jet Vap Agile Steam Cleaners are classified as steam generators, have start-stop system providing great energy savings and fast and continuous steam production.

With the use of the Jet Vap Steam Twister, it dispenses the use of extractors.

Designed to perform with high efficiency cleaning and sanitation within the ecological and sustainable process, dispensing with the use of chemicals, Jet Vap Agile Steam Cleaners provide great savings and profitability.

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