Jet Vap Coal Filter

Código: 1779

The Jet Vap Coal Filter is responsible for removing chlorine from the water and thus increasing the efficiency and durability of the product. 

With active carbon, the polluting molecules are retained on its surface and thus facilitates water purification to generate steam.

Jet Vap Coal Filter is ideal for use in places where the water used should be free of chlorine, as in food industries, for example.

  • Produced in stainless steel;
  • Capacity for 3 liters of active coal.

Water Softening System


With 100% Brazilian design and manufacturing, Jet Vap Accessories use state-of-the-art technology, generating safety, efficiency, and durability. Jet Vap Accessories are made with high quality materials, providing excellent service life, and facilitating the life of operators.

The special steam hoses made especially for Jet Vap are lighter, flexible, resistant, and protected by heat dissipation mesh allowing optimal thermal insulation with low weight and low volume generating comfort for the operator.

The Jet Vap Twister dispenses with the use of extractor and is highly efficient in cleaning and sanitation, increasing productivity. The Jet Vap Steam Twister is an exclusive accessory for owners of Jet Vap Steam Cleaners.

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