Jet Vap

Founded in 2007, based in Curitiba - PR, Jet Vap was born with the proposal of revolutionize the professional cleaning market, join technological innovation and environmental responsibility. So, with Brazilian technology and high quality, we developed the steam pressure washers, which guarantee efficiency and agility in the cleaning process, without the use of chemicals and with a significant saving in the consumption of natural resources, such as water and energy.

Innovation and sustainability

Since foundation, Jet Vap has followed the proposal to revolutionize the professional cleaning market, always trying hard to find innovations for its products, in order to offer quality, efficiency and economy to its customers.

Steam machines are produced for different kind of applications and sanitizing solutions. They can be used even for external and internal cleaning, attending different sectors such as car washing, aircraft, boats, sofas and seats, carpets, jewelry, dental prostheses, hospital sanitization, etc.


See in the side video how the car cleaning is performed with Jet Vap Steam Washer. In the process, only the equipment and a flannel are used, and the steam is the great one responsible for the good performance in the removal of the dirt, with no need of chemical products use.