Jet Vap Steam Cleaners: a history of innovation, technology and sustainability.

Founded in 2007, in Curitiba-PR, Jet Vap was born with the proposal to improve the professional steam cleaning market, combining technological innovation and environmental responsibility.

With 100% Brazilian technology, we developed the most efficient Steam Cleaners, ensuring efficiency and agility in steam cleaning without using chemicals and saving resources such as water and energy.

Like Jet Vap, only Jet Vap.

+ Vapor Technology | Jet Vap - Lavadoras a Vapor

+ Vapor Technology

With pressure of 9 bar/130PSI and temperature up to 180°C, the Jet Vap Steam Cleaner machine offers more efficiency in cleaning and antimicrobial action, with the elimination of odors and 99.99% of virus, fungi and bacteria.

+ Sustainability | Jet Vap - Lavadoras a Vapor

+ Sustainability

The high temperature of steam cleaning dispenses the use of chemical products. Furthermore, it can provide up to 98% water savings. A perfect solution for the environment and your profits.

+ Innovation | Jet Vap - Lavadoras a Vapor

+ Innovation

Jet Vap doesn´t have customers: it has business partners.

We are always attentive to your needs, that is why we could develop innovative, versatile, durable and high-quality products.

Sustainability with profitability.
More than possible, it is our purpose.

Jet Vap is the proof that sustainability combines with profitability. More than one idea, this purpose is a reality in our company. From the first draft, we developed projects with the concern of offering maximum efficiency with respect to the environment. We are proud to offer steam cleaning solutions that save water, our most valuable good. Our machines also decrease the use of cleaning chemical products. Even more reason to make the right choice: a Jet Vap Steam Cleaner.

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Sustentabilidade com Rentabilidade | Jet Vap - Lavadoras a Vapor
Sustentabilidade com Rentabilidade | Jet Vap - Lavadoras a Vapor

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  • Moacir Alberto dos Santos

    Hello, good afternoon! Traditionally, I have been doing Detail and Car Cleaning services for over 15 years. The Jet Vap equipment is amazing, the vapor provides a differential.

  • Jorge Carvalho Valle

    Excellent work by Jet Vap. Now that’s how you clean a car. When I take my car to wash, I always ask the operator to wash the car the same way he takes a shower: from head to toe! Thanks Jet Vap. Jet Vap is in a whole another level in Car Washing.


    I had been in the Jet Vap factory and I was very well attended, I liked the products and the various tips they gave me about steam cleaning. Congratulations to the whole team.


    I have one Jet Vap. It’s worth the investment. It is a guaranteed payback.

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