Kill Urban Bush 300

Código: 2990

Using water in the form of steam, the Kill Urban Bush 300 transforms urban weeding into an environmentally correct technique to combat weeds that grow in urban areas.

Using only steam-heated water, Kill Urban Bush 300 removes unwanted plants from sidewalks and gutters without the use of herbicides. The high temperature of the steam causes the death of the plant, which dries up completely 2 or 3 days after the application.

  • Maximum allowable working pressure: 7.5 bar/106 PSI;
  • Working Pressure – PT: 6.0bar/85PSI;
  • Maximum Allowable Temperature – TMA: 172oC;
  • Working temperature – TT: 164oC;
  • Maximum steam production: 200 kg/h;
  • Diesel.

With the Kill Urban Bush 300, 3 operators do the same work as 40 men manually weeding.

  • Best value for money!
  • Much more productivity and much less physical effort on the part of the operators.

With this new method, safety and the environment are preserved. There is no need to use herbicides, the machine does all the work efficiently!

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