Jet Vap Steam Pressure Washers Applications

Steam cleaning at home

Jet Vap steam cleaners are also great tools for cleaning household items such as carpets, upholstery, flooring, tiles, among others.

Application on carpets and rugs, germ and bacteria proliferation sites, is very effective in providing a complete cleaning, removing dirt and dust that accumulate in carpets, and other cleaning processes cannot eliminate.

In upholstery, Jet Vap steam cleaners allow deep sanitation without the use of chemicals, removing stains, dirt and possible harmful microorganism. So, the application of steam cleaning on sofas and other upholstered products provides an economical, fast, easy, quality service that benefits all those who are in contact with these surfaces.

For house maintenance, Jet Vap washers can be applied to floor, room, furniture and object cleanings. In addition clean everywhere, it is not harmful to the residents and further contributes to the energy and water saving of the house.

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