Steam cleaning in Car Detail – Jet Vap Steam Cleaners for Detail.

For Car Detail, steam cleaning has many advantages. Without the assistance of chemicals, it removes old the dirt such as layers of dry wax or mud. In addition, Jet Vap Steam Cleaners restore the original shine of the paint and can be used in moving parts, soft or glass (tires, windows, and wheels) without any scratch of damage to the materials. It is a deep, technical, and professional cleaning with detailing results.

In the internal cleaning, the steam can be used in many materials such as leather, rubber, plastic, carbon fiber, natural fibers, synthetic, vinyl, metal, normal or brushed steel, glass, aluminum, among others. Meaning, with the assistance of only a dry microfiber cloth, you can clean the panel, steering wheel, gearshift, ceiling, carpets and upholstery with great efficiency and excellent results.

The engine can also be sanitized with Jet Vap Steam Cleaners, taking care of electrical parts and electronic modules. Simply use a cloth to clean the most delicate parts, leaving the rest of the cleaning to steam.

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