Steam cleaning and sanitizing for Industries and Offices.

We offer solutions for Industrial and Business cleaning in many sectors, from the easy cleaning jobs to the most complex ones. You can count with the high technology of Jet Vap Steam Cleaners to provide customers with excellent results, cost savings and preserving natural resources.

Generally, industrial, business, and commercial environments are complex and with a large number of employees, tools, furniture and machinery, making it essential to clean and remove the generated waste materials. For this, steam washing is highly effective, since it facilitates the removal of dirt that accumulates on many surfaces, from the floor to the tiles and utensils used in industrial production, as well as facades, furniture, carpets, and upholstery.

The proper cleaning of the work environment contributes to a better productivity. It also ensures a reduction of costs with water, energy, and chemicals and, in addition, decreases the time spent on cleaning, allowing greater performance in the execution of the task, and contributing to the general health of the place and its working staff.

The application of Jet Vap Steam Cleaners in this sector of the market is highlighted by the agility and economy that it provides. The versatility present in the equipment allows the use in industries and a variety of companies offices from many sectors of business.

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