Jet Vap Diesel Steam Cleaner

Código: 1814

The Jet Vap Diesel Steam Cleaner has been developed for the following applications: steam cleaning in car lava; steam cleaning in automotive aesthetics; steam cleaning in restaurants; steam cleaning in general industries; steam cleaning in the aeronautical sector; steam cleaning in the maritime sector; steam cleaning industrial kitchens; steam cleaning and machinery sanitation; steam cleaning on oil platforms and heavy cleaning of forklifts, buses, and trucks.

The Jet Vap Diesel Steam Cleaner has a boiler with automatic water supply. The time to heat the water and generate steam is nine minutes.

The combustion of diesel oil is responsible for the production of steam. The possible odors resulting from the process are practically imperceptible.

Jet Vap Diesel Steam Cleaner has two hoses that enable the work of two professionals at the same time or two different accessories, saving time and labor of your business.

To maintain the efficiency of the Jet Vap Diesel Steam Cleaner use potable, clean, mineral salts-free water.

  • Category: Automatic Water Filling;
  • Continuous water supply;
  • Hot water spray;
  • Heating: Diesel;
  • Low power consumption and Start/Stop system;
  • Number of hoses: 2 of 7.5m with Trigger, Swivel and Spray Nozzle;
  • Diesel tank capacity: 15 liters;
  • Warm-up time: 9 minutes;
  • Steam production: 30 kg/h;
  • Working pressure: 9 bar/130 PSI;
  • Maximum temperature: 180°C;
  • Triple security system;
  • Voltage: 220V/20A;
  • Weight: 134,5 Kg;
  • Measures: 107x100x53 cm.


Jet Vap Combustion Steam Cleaners with continuous water supply and combustion heating have been developed to produce steam on an industrial scale. Jet Vap Combustion Steam Cleaners can be used in virtually all cleaning situations if they are within the norm to use a diesel or gas burning machine. 

Jet Vap Combustion Steam Cleaners allow the customer an experience of great productivity, being a robust machine, economical, with great steam production and allows spray of hot water, facilitating the cleanings thicker and heavy. 

The gas equipment is directed only to fixed places where it allows a safe and compatible gas installation with the burner. In the case of diesel engines it can be adapted for mobile work, provided that it is installed safely and compatible with the burner. Jet Vap Combustion Steam Cleaners allow two operators to work simultaneously without losing efficiency.

With the use of the Jet Vap Steam Twister, it dispenses the use of extractors.

With 100% Brazilian design and manufacture, the Jet Vap Combustion Steam Cleaners are manufactured in stainless steel with triple safety system, providing to its operators, total safety and efficiency.

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